Offering exclusive discounts to Instagrammers makes sense

Just like we all wear tees proudly repping the schools we graduated from, research shows creators more strongly identify with being a creator than with any other identity attribute. Brands that recognize this create an emotional connection that sets them apart from their competitors.


Monthly Active Instagram Users


Monthly users engaging with shopping posts


Average engagement rate (vs Facebook’s .08% and Twitter’s .045%

Launch your Instagrammer discount program

Gated, personalized offers make TikTokers feel appreciated and drive brand loyalty and authentic advocacy.

How SwayID works

SwayID provices the best in-brand creator-consumer verification experience. Here’s how it works for gated offers.

Step 1: Enter Info

Consumers enter basic, privacy-friendly information about themselves to verify their creator status.

Step 2: Instant Verification

SwayID consults 10k+ authoritative data sources and leverages AI & ML to instantly verify the creator consumer’s status.

Step 3: Receive Offer

If the consumer is verified as eligible for your gated offer, they will receive access to it. Your brand keeps all the creator consumer data submitted and verified.

Why Should You Give Personalized Offers to Instagrammers?
Instagrammer discounts is kinda like the modern version of offering military / teacher / student discounts.
power revenue
by empowering creator-consumers
you do it, now.