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How SwayID Works

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Features you’ll enjoy.

Personalized Discounts

Automatically deliver the right discount to the right influencer based on their influence level at the time they’re redeeming the discount. All discount codes are time-sensitive, one-time use, and scraper-resistant, ensuring secure and genuine interactions.

Built-In Platform Diversification

Instantly launch offers for all types of creators –Podcasters, TikTokers, Bloggers, and more – to source influencers with less effort it takes to find influencers on just one content platform.

Automatically shortlist your top influencer candidates

Quickly shortlist the top influencer candidates from all the creators who redeemed their offers using SwayID, saving you from sifting through thousands of irrelevant profiles.


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Creating content and building up social presence is critical to brand growth. It's also a massive undertaking. Made Au gold, raked in high-quality Instagram content from shoppers that they could reuse.

“We were so lucky to be a part of a few brands to test SwayID when it first launched. I find the concept genius and it really has helped our sales and exposure on Instagram," said Lea Ridenour, CEO of Made Au Gold.


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