75% of influencer marketing campaigns fail to deliver expected ROI.

The Little Green Pill that reverses Influencer Marketing Dysfunction (ID) for brands by mirroring word-of-mouth marketing with exclusive creator discounts on autopilot.



The world’s best brands recognize and reward communities with exclusive community discounts.


Lack of genuine interest is the root cause of Influencer Marketing Dysfunction (ID).

Discover the research behind this critical insight and learn how the simplicity and scalability of SwayID’s gated creator discounts are revolutionizing ID reversal.


1. Publish Your Gated Creator Offer Page

Quickly customize your Gated Creator Offer Link™ with exclusive discounts for creators.

2. Share Across Your Channels

Distribute your offer page across all marketing channels, ensuring the "little green pill" is visible to attract creators.

3. Continuous Genuine Advocacy

Creators redeem exclusive discounts through the "little green pill," resulting in authentic word-of-mouth marketing and enabling brands to source their most genuine influencer partners.

We’ll let feedback from 300+ marketers speak on our behalf for why SwayID a “must add” to your tool kit.

Filter for Genuinely Interested Influencers

"SwayID is such a simple solution to ensuring that only truly interested influencers engage with our brand. I see a future where SwayID becomes the universal starting point for all influencer partnerships, bringing authenticity back to the forefront of marketing and providing the desperately needed relief to the whole industry."

Continuous Word-of-Mouth Marketing

"The largest pro is the word of mouth aspect of creators telling their peers gated creator discounts. It's what I'm the biggest advocate for when it comes to marketing and that's why I fell in love with SwayID."

Hands-Off Operation – Works on Autopilot

"Ok so basically I put a sticker on our website that says “TikToker discount” and collect influencers who buy our product instead of chasing ones who expect free product plus pay? Genius. I’m in. I hope I never have to send free product again."

Immunity to Red Flags

"I signed up and referred two more brands 30 minutes later because the SwayID value is stacked: save money; save time; peace of mind."

Results you
can count on.

Top Benefits

Genuine Advocacy

Creators genuinely love your brand, leading to organic word-of-mouth promotion.


Quickly customize and launch your Gated Creator Offer Link™ for creators to continuously redeem discounts.

Positive ROI

Only pay a small fee when a creator redeems a discount. Backed by our 100% Money Back Guarantee.

Total Ownership

Maintain full ownership of all influencer relationships.

Brand Safe

Enjoy genuine, organic shares with no risk to your brand reputation with our Brand Safe Guarantee.

Always On

Designed to remain always on to ensure continuous, hassle free advocacy.

Top Features

Data-Driven Offer Personalization

Automatically deliver the right discount to the right influencer based on their influence level at the time they’re redeeming the discount. All discount codes are time-sensitive, one-time use, and scraper-resistant, ensuring secure and genuine interactions.

Automatic Cross-Platform Scale

Instantly launch offers for all types of creators –Podcasters, TikTokers, Bloggers, and more – to source influencers with less effort it takes to find influencers on just one content platform.

Data-Driven Influencer Fit Rankings

Quickly shortlist the top influencer candidates from all the creators who redeemed their offers using SwayID, saving you from sifting through thousands of irrelevant profiles.

Maximize success with ready
made marketing templates.

Explore our Template Library where you’ll find everything you need to make the most of our partnership!


Creating content and building up social presence is critical to brand growth. It's also a massive undertaking. Made Au gold, raked in high-quality Instagram content from shoppers that they could reuse.

“We were so lucky to be a part of a few brands to test SwayID when it first launched. I find the concept genius and it really has helped our sales and exposure on Instagram," said Lea Ridenour, CEO of Made Au Gold.


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month revenue


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SwayID: The Little Green Pill on a big mission to
reverse Influencer Marketing Dysfunction (ID).