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Old world: military/senior/student discounts
New world:
TikToker discounts.
Install the SwayID creator identity verification widget on your storefront in minutes. Start capturing revenue from 200M+ verified creators through gated discounts in seconds.
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Maximize your revenue from
creator-consumers worldwide.

SwayID connects brands with over 200 million verified creator-consumers: active content creators who publish their content online to highly engaged audiences. Instantly verify and reward them with exclusive discounts to boost conversions, foster loyalty, and build a powerful army of authentic brand advocates.

How SwayID Works
Step 1.
Build an exclusive offer for creator-consumers directly in your e-commerce flow and gate it with SwayID.
Step 2.
Instantly verify a shopper’s eligibility using SwayID’s build-in network of authoritative data sources.
Step 3.
See your conversion rates skyrocket and nurture customer loyalty with the zero-party verification data you retain.
Step 4.
Leverage SwayID’s database of your brand’s SwayID purchasers to reward them for authentically advocating across their socials.
Why Brands Love SwayID
power revenue
by empowering creator-consumers
you do it, now.