Who We Are

About Us

SwayID is yet another generic Silicon Valley based venture backed tech startup that offers B2B Self-Serve SaaS tool in MarTech.

Behind our stereotypical tech startup exterior, we offer:
  • Automated prospecting software for finding the right influencers
  • Which is positioned as the simplest tool on the market
  • Because finding the right influencers ranks as the #1 challenge in influencer marketing
  • No. 1 in the world for: simplicity, accuracy, and profitability
  • Achieved after 4 years and 3 brutal pivots
  • Made possible by our masochistic founding team

In case you didn't know, finding the right influencers feels like passing a kidney stone (our CEO has first hand experience).

In fact, it's consistently ranked as the #1 challenge with influencer marketing. (Go ahead, Google it, we'll wait).

It's no surprise. There are now over 200 million content creators across 10 platforms and counting. On top of that, one day TikTok is getting banned, the next day it's back? Suddenly, a new influencer goes viral for that trend that came out of nowhere.

Just when you got the hang of BeReal, it was officially pronounced dead...but now Threads is a thing. Maybe.

Meanwhile you just got massacred in the comments in that last influencer’s post because it was too obvious they aren't genuinely into your product.

Shit, wait...btw BeReal just got acquired for $500M...probably means it’ll be a thing again.

SwayID aims to make finding the right influencers obnoxiously painless.

Obnoxiously painless for our customers means:
  • Super easy to use with automatic coverage of all content platforms
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee
  • Controversy-Free Guarantee: no more red tape, trip wires, comment massacres etc.
  • Ready made marketing templates to maximize results
  • Fluff-free self-education tutorials
  • Super responsive support for assistance in the off chance it's needed
  • All at a no-brainer price

But wait there’s more: a crew of Resilience Officers who we pay to intentionally unleash chaos on our product so our team can address them proactively before they impact our customers.

Our Team:

Co-Founder & CEO
Co-Founder & Growth Lead
Co-Founder & Ops
Founding Visual Designer
Founding Product Designer
Founding Engineer
Founding Engineer
Founding Engineer
Founding Engineer
Spirit Guide

Company health (as of June 2024):

  • Founded: 2021
  • Funding: $4.2M
  • Runway: Unlimited (revenue fueled). Aka, we’re here to stay.
  • Team Size: 9

Ways we stand out:

  • Resilience cranked up to God-Mode.
    • Our founding team was forged through the fire of 3 major pivots, numerous near-death experiences, and the "extinction-level year" for startups in 2023.
    • We employ “Resilience Officers” to intentionally inject failures into our product to ensure we deliver enduring value.
  • Diverse customer base. Our customers range from SMB (DTC Shopify Brands) to Enterprise (fortune 500 retailers) both in store and online.

  • Product-led growth. Like Calendly, our product, itself, acts as the primary driver of acquisition, retention, and expansion.

  • Revenue is our primary oxygen source. Our revenue model combines a Monthly SaaS Fee with an API Call Fee, ensuring predictable, scalable revenue that grows as we deliver increasing value.

  • Backed by respected investors. Barclays, Anthemis, BBG Ventures, Revolution, Not Boring Capital, and Tribe Capital, to name a few (if investors matter to you).

  • Resilience Officer (gig): Your job is to intentionally introduce disruptions so our team can address them proactively before they impact our customers. Apply.

  • Full Time Roles: Check our LinkedIn page to see our open roles.

The best part of waking up is profit
(and perfect influencer matches) in your cup.