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Welcome to the Marketing Template Library! Here you’ll find everything you need to make the most of our partnership!

This library is designed to help you launch and promote SwayID across your different channels, so you can drive incremental sales. Given that customers who use SwayID shop +50% more frequently than those who do not, it makes sense to let customers know you offer SwayID Creator Offer links at every touch point.

How to use:


Use the menu here to navigate your way through the assets, which include downloadable logos and templates for your socials,emails and website.


Leverage our tips on how best to use the assets and follow our examples on how to co-brand with SwayID.


Spread the good news and promote our partnership to your customers.

Asset Library

Here you’ll find all the assets you need to promote SwayID on your website, socials and emails. We update assets from time to time, so make sure you check back once in a while to ensure you’re using the most current version.

Click the button to the right to download all assets all in one go, or scroll down to each section to read more and download one at a time.


Now that you're an SwayID partner, you can leverage our logo across your emails, website and socials to let customers know your business offers SwayID.

We have rules on how to use the logo across your marketing materials. Following these rules will ensure you're using our brand in the right way and getting the most out of your SwayID partnership.


The SwayID logo lock-up consists of the custom wordmark. It must always appear as the full lock-up (not separating Sway from ID) and only in the colors specified.

Alternative combinations below are allowed. Select the logo that has the most contrast to the background for optimal legibility. If the background of your website is light, use the black logo. If your website is dark, use the logo in white.


Our SwayID is our second most important visual asset (behind our logo). It functions as a call to action across our merchants’ digital commerce platforms. The three color combinations below are allowed. Use version that will be most legible on your site. If your site has a light background, use the Black Badge options. If your website is dark, use the White Badge.

Minimum Size.

It’s important that our logo is always visible even in the smallest of applications. Use the minimum sizes below for digital and print applications of the SwayID badge.


Your website is one of your most valuable marketing channels. These ready-made web assets let you call out the fact that you offer SwayID, and show special offers, promotions and other important information. Use the on-screen guide below to see where to place them on your website.

Promote with SwayID

Let customers know that your SwayID offer link is available by displaying these banners and tiles across your website. You should look to have a blend of one-off promotional and always-on banners and tiles. Don’t forget to include the price breakdown and SwayID logo at the checkout.

Tiles and Top Strips.

Website banners and tiles are great for calling out the fact that you offer SwayID. Add an always-on banner to your home page so visitors can see you offer SwayID the moment they land on your site. Adding a tile on your checkout page is also a good prompt. There are green, black, and white versions. Click on ‘View more’ to see different messaging options.

KEEP IN MIND: When downloading an asset with transparency/blank space, simply add it as an overlay on your brand image using an image editing program such as Canva or Adobe Photoshop.

Footer Badge.

Copy about the footer badge and why.

Minimum Size.

It’s important that the footer badge is is always visible even in the smallest of applications. Use the minimum sizes below for digital applications of the SwayID badge.

SwayID: The Little Green Pill on a big mission to
reverse Influencer Marketing Dysfunction (ID).