The SwayID Controversy-Free Guarantee

Our Controversy-Free Guarantee outlines our commitment to providing a modern, controversy-free commerce solution for brands to appeal to the new dominant consumer: creator-consumers (200M strong and rapidly growing).

While using SwayID, you can be assured that your brand remains free from the common pitfalls and liabilities associated with influencer marketing. Our clean, controversy-free platform ensures that your focus stays on growth and authentic engagement without the risks.

What we don’t touch in order to uphold our Controversy-Free Guarantee:

Usage of SwayID does not touch influencer partnerships.

While SwayID helps brands identify potential influencers, we do not engage in or facilitate influencer partnerships between brands and influencers. This means we avoid any practices that could lead to FTC violations or require disclosure of sponsorships, keeping your brand clear of these concerns while using SwayID.

Usage of SwayID does not touch product promotion.

While the majority of creators who unlock exclusive discounts naturally spread the word, this is strictly organic and done on their own accord. Usage of our platform does not directly involve promoting or facilitating the promotion of any products. We focus solely on enabling discounts and offers for verified creators, ensuring a clear separation from promotional activities.

Usage of SwayID does not touch content.

SwayID does not facilitate the creation of content by creators. We do not handle or manage content usage rights, ensuring that all content remains the responsibility of the creators and brands without any involvement from us.

Usage of SwayID does not touch cyberbullying and harassment.

While we have zero tolerance for cyberbullying and harassment, our platform does not engage in the "front of the house" on any content platform. We operate strictly behind the scenes as a commerce enablement layer, detached from user interactions on social media.

Usage of SwayID does not touch social media violations.

While SwayID scans creators' profiles for fake followers and fake engagement to verify their eligibility to unlock a discount, our platform is fully detached from any and all social media platform policies. related to social media violations.

See our Data Safety page to learn about how we protect user data.

Usage of SwayID does not touch cultural sensitivities.

Our platform is designed to respect all cultural boundaries. We ensure that all usage of SwayID avoids practices that could lead to cultural insensitivity or appropriation, safeguarding your brand from potential backlash.

Need more than controversy-free creator commerce enablement?

While we understand that brands need comprehensive influencer marketing solutions, engaging in influencer marketing would compromise the hygiene of our platform and thus compromise the brands that use our platform.

That's why we recommend using SwayID to source your influencer candidates and then engaging them through the following reputable platforms:

1. Grin: A comprehensive influencer marketing platform that helps brands manage influencer relationships, campaign workflows, and performance tracking.

2. Aspire: A platform designed for managing influencer marketing campaigns, offering tools for content creation, relationship management, and analytics.

3. Upfluence: An influencer marketing software that provides tools for influencer discovery, campaign management, and performance analysis.

By using SwayID to identify genuine, high-potential influencers, and then leveraging these platforms to manage your influencer relationships and campaigns, you ensure a seamless and effective marketing strategy.

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